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“Not getting visitors or leads online?”

Here are the 4 things you need to thrive online...


It all starts with crafting a solid brand with a story that connects with your intended audience.


Branding. Professional logo design. Graphics. Copywriting.


Search engine optimisation is the foundation of visibility online. Your website needs to be optimised.


Website design. SEO (optimisation). Copywriting.


Use a multi-channel approach inc Social, Content Marketing, video & PPC for amplified reach.


Content marketing. Social Media. Link building. SEM.


Use A/B split testing to improve your results and optimise for goal conversion and profitability.


Conversion optimisation. A/B split testing methodologies.
Stores launched
the SEO man review from happy customer

"He gets this and is a key contributor to the survival and evolution of my business."

Joy Wilson, CEO of Spectrain Training, Learning and Performance Consultant: Awarded the Learning Providers Mark of Distinction

"Many people provide services to my business. However, José (aka the SEO man) is the service provider that has taken the time to understand and can now respond appropriately and therefor adds significant value. Self sufficiency and independence is key for a one person business he gets this and is a key contributor to the survival and evolution of my business."


Brand Strategy

End-to-end branding, rebranding and revamping.

Online Stores

Online store setup, optimisation and launch strategy.

Online Marketing

Online marketing and promotion, Google-safe (many plans).

Sales Funnels

Sales funnel design, implementation and testing.

Product Sourcing

Product sourcing straight from manufacturer & branding.

Video Ads

Video ad creation, various types and styles + voice overs.

Competitor Spy

Competitive espionage, reverse engineering competitor strategy.


Pay Per Click marketing campaign management.

Private Label

Amazon private label set up and launch and amz seller help.

Listing Optimisation

Amazon listing optimisation (includes copywriting).

Blog Content

Short and long articles as well as recurring optimised blog content.

Author Branding

12 week author branding program, includes website & vid.

Graphic Design

Everything from branding, social banners & advertising graphics.


Blog design and redesign, optimisation and launch strategy.

Conversion Testing

Conversion optimisation, click tracking and A/B testing.

Market Research

Trend and niche analysis, idea viability and market potential.

Supply Chain

Supply chain setup, straight to manufacturer.

Web Security

Advanced website security and anti-virus scanning.


Custom training video and in-person (subject to approval).


Image hosting, website hosting, reseller hosting, cloud based.

Alexa Skills

Alexa skills to promote your brand in Amazon's skill space.

Product Optimisation

Product page optimisation for online shop owners.

Book Publishing

Everything from formating through to self-pubilshing.

Self Branding

Everything from brand design to launch, inc website & vid.

Web Design

Modern, fast, mobile responsive custom made websites.


SEO (search engine optimisation) and troubleshooting.


Automation and scaling, from lead gen to sales funnels.


Consultation, one-time, monthly or on-demand.

Video Editing

Video editing, corporate, video ads or YouTuber vids.

Video Marketing

Video ad marketing and video SEO for exposure.

YouTuber Services

Everything from branding to video editing and optimisation.


Mobile apps and direct-to-customer marketing.


Sales copy, short and long form, video sales scripts and more.

Web Content

Standard web content as well as copywriting for key & core pages.

Cover Design Conten

Book cover design for authors. Multiple revisions provided.

Business Branding

Everything from startups to sole traders and small busineses.

"José is brilliant to work with. He takes your brief, asks you some questions to ensure you both fully understand what's needed and then gives you a neat solution - at a fantastic price and in super quick time. I can't recommend him highly enough."

Emma Clarke, Media Professional and CEO of Voice Takeaways

the SEO man review from happy customer

"He's brilliant to work with. He takes your brief, asks you some questions... and then gives you a neat solution. I can't recommend him highly enough."

Who I Work With...

Micro Businesses

Sole traders, SoloPreneurs, one-person companies, kitchen and retail companies.


Small to medium businesses, dentists, online sellers, magazines, online shops.

Personal Brands

Entrepreneurs, bloggers, YouTubers, Social Media peeps and personal brands.

the SEO man review from happy customer

"Thanks to his optimisation we now receive at least a dozen calls each week from new clients. We've now stopped paying for other forms of marketing."

Mark Holloway, CEO of Leaflet Distribution Services Limited

"José has been doing our SEO on an ongoing basis. Thanks to his optimisation we now receive at least a dozen calls each week from new clients. We've now stopped paying for other forms of marketing and we now focus on SEO as a means to get new clients. If you would like to hear a reference you are welcome to call me directly."

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